Tuesday, March 23, 2010

B-Ball Goal

So, recently Craig and I have been talking a lot about wanting to do something better with our time.  We aren't in a position to give much money, but we do have time to offer.  Several ladies at our church run the Dorothy Day House of Hospitality in Memphis.  If you don't know about Dorothy Day, this link explains her story and the reason the house is named after her: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorothy_Day.  The House is a transitional home for homeless families.  It's the only shelter in Memphis that will take couples.  It's also apparently one of few, if not the only shelter, that will take teenaged boys. I think that's unbelievable and irresponsible of other shelters, but I'll leave that alone.  They allow families to live there until they can get jobs and get on their feet again.  It's a wonderful home.  It doesn't have a lot of the things that I would foolishly consider necessities, but it's warm and safe and comfortable.  We're cooking for a family that lives there now.  We thought that we would be helping out, but after spending some time with them, it might be us that gets the best part of the deal.  The three kids are hilarious and the Mom is an incredibly smart, driven, and spiritual woman who has done an inspiring job of raising her kids in spite of some tough circumstances.  This past weekend Craig and his friend Daniel put up a basketball goal for the kids at the house.  The concrete had to wait until today to set, so we went over there for the guys to put up the backboard and hoop.  They were so excited.  The boys immediately went out and started playing.  One of them was checking the weather over the weekend to make sure they'd be able to get it done.  Unfortunately for his tutor, the goal was being finished during one of the boy's lessons.  I mean, there's only so much a kid can do when they're excited!  Well, a kid and maybe me.

The kids with Craig and Daniel.

Don't be fooled by the face on the right. He was thrilled. He's fifteen, though. You'd be too cool, too.

Their Mom is so funny.  She said she was gonna dunk on all of them.  I wouldn't doubt her.


  1. And as it turns out, Dick's Sporting Goods has a website that's not "dicks.com."

  2. Ha ha! True story. That's the kind of error you only make once!