Monday, May 3, 2010

Ed Zachary Syndrome

I'm not much of a practical joker because (a) I'm a baby and don't like having it done to me and (b) because I can't keep a straight face for anything.  Any surprises that I try to keep or secrets that are exciting show all over my face.  I'm always given away by smiling like an eight year old being sung to on their birthday.  Half embarassed, half-trying not to pop from excitement.  Needless to say, I rarely pull anything off and I'm inappropriately proud when I do.

The following story happened almost a year ago, but I still feel good about the fact that I actually pulled off a joke, rather than forgetting the punch line like usual or laughing too hard to get it out.  Craig was living in Memphis and  I was still in Jackson, so most of our chats were on the phone.  He was complaining about his foot hurting.  As a side note, we've since found out that he's got some legit issues there, but don't let that dampen your perspective because I'm not, dangit.  Anyway, I casually mentioned that he might be suffering from Ed Zachary Syndrome.  He wasn't familiar with the condition, so I said that maybe he should look it up online sometime.  Some how, the fact that the phone was between us kept me from blowing water through my nose at my little prank. 

I'm not saying it was the funniest joke, or even that clever, but the stars aligned just right for me to finally pull a prank. He complained, we were on the phone, and it was all just too right.

I am smiling as I type this because I still think its that funny.  If you don't see the humor, maybe you should see a doc.  You might have it too.

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