Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fancy Meeting You Here

Remember when I used to do this semi-regularly?  Remember how sometimes things I posted were funny?

Me neither.

I haven't gone off the grid or lost my fingers, but so much else has happened since I last paid much attention to this.  I got a job that I love, but that requires an excessive amount of time away from the couch.  Deduct five points.  I do get paid, though. This is the first time with regularity since, OH, 2007.  Add twelve points.  Which, bonus, means I got to buy Craig Christmas presents with my very own monies. Of course, this also means that he can no longer say his Bosco's Mug Club membership is my gift to him.  Now he'll have to call what it really is:  a very generous gift to himself and to the economy of Midtown. 

With all that's been going on, there are few things that still haven't happened.

*Mad Men has still, and yet, not returned for a fifth season

*My sewing projects have not so much become a reality, but more of a reality check on my ability to take something from the idea stage to the get out of the house and buy the supplies stage.

*My closet has still not cleaned, sorted, and organized itself, despite my pointed stares in its general direction.

However, much and much has been happening.  In no particular order--

*We made life. Mwahahahaha.  Ok, actually it wasn't very sinister, but we are expecting a little one.  Woo hoo!

     *Subpoints A-Z: I go to sleep at 8pm, burp like a trucker (who knew?), am still super, duper nervous about all possible travesties happening, and have a serious aversion to the smell of smell.

*We got a video camera, so yeah, get ready.

*I successfully resisted the urge to correct people who think the twelve days of Christmas are the twelve leading up to Christmas.  But since I'm talking about it, why not.  It's not a countdown.  Day one starts on Christmas and goes until Epiphany.  Maybe I should scratch this off the list now, hmmmmm?

*My canine champ did all kinds of wrong under the dining room table riiiight before Christmas dinner, so, Cheers!  Hasn't done it it months, might as well make it count.

I hope everyone had a restful and blestful Holiday!


  1. Hooray! I'm so glad you're back! And CONGRATS on your big news!! When are you due??

  2. Laura-
    You rock my socks. I'm so happy for you and Craig.

  3. Laura -
    I think you are a rock star. I'm so happy for you and Craig.

  4. Congratulations, Laura!!! I look forward to future blog posts with this new development :)