Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To Do

I've been off from school for a month, one glorious month.   I've cleaned the house, and tried some new recipes, gone out of town, and...that's pretty much it.  Don't  get me wrong, I enjoyed doing nothing, but I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't do all the stuff I said I would do when I had some time off.  I planned to teach the dog some basic commands.  He still is only averages about 30% on responding to his own name, so I obviously didn't get around to it.  As a side note, it's probably because I call him fifteen other names than Max on a daily basis, but seriously Mr. Beanpotts, don't you know deep down that your name is Max, especially in front of the neighbors???  Sure, I call him Poo, or Le  Poo or Poo Shu Chicken.   What of it if I scratch his ears and call him Scoonce or Scooter?  His name is Max and maybe sometimes Mr. Beanpotts.

Anyway, I had planned to do a number of things and never got around to them.  I don't like the idea of making a grand to do list in hopes of checking things off before a certain date or age.   I think I would feel too much pressure or feel like I failed if I didn't complete it.  Let's be real, though, I'd probably lose the list or  use the back of it for another list that I would leave in my purse and find two years later caked in gum and mystery crumbs, so my fears might be  unfounded.  Either way, no big bucket list for me.  The list that I have is much smaller in scale and the things on it aren't nearly as impressive as sky diving or seeing the Taj Majal.  These are things that I can and will accomplish in the next year.

1. Complete my BAR application.  No real choice here, but I've been putting it off
2. Make bread from scratch
3. But seriously, teach Max some commands
4. Keep my car clean (after I clean it)
5. Write in my journal more (this isn't it, don't worry)
6. Take more pictures
7. Print our wedding photos
8. Take better care of myself.  I have specifics under this category, but I won't bore you.  Why stop now, you say?  Not nice.
9. Get a job
10. This last goal I'll keep to myself. I'll update if and when I accomplish it.

Best of luck for you and your resolutions in the new year.  This has been an incredible and challenging year for me.  I planned a wedding and applied for and secured permission to visit away at Memphis.  I moved to Memphis, got married,  and completed three semesters of law school, including the summer term.   All of these were things that I hoped for, so I can't complain.  My challenges this year were in the form of changes.  I was very fortunate not to suffer any loss of illness this year.  For any who did, I hope 2010 will be a better year.  It has been one of my best yet.

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