Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sick Day(s and days)

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday in Lewisburg with Craig’s mom and family. Unfortunately, we brought back a little bug with us and it wasn’t Max. I was sick first, then Craig’s mom, and then Craig. It was just a bug, but it knocked us out.

I used to pride myself on how seldom I got sick. I was one of those people that had the sniffles once a year, maybe. A lot of that was because my mom worked in the hospital and probably brought home little whiffs of everything that ever went around. I was proud of being healthy and proud of being tough when I was sick. Again, this comes from being the child of a nurse. You just can’t whine and moan too much when you’re raised by our lady of perpetual immunity. This last week has finally proven to me that I'm a shadow of my former self. I get sick any time someone sneezes near me and I’m sure the neighbors heard some of my nasal groans of frustration. So, we were sick. Craig even stayed home from work, which is saying a lot. I used my time to catch up on the reality shows on Bravo, which I’ve been neglecting, and Craig discovered that his Nintendo 64 does work. I assume we'll speak again sometime in March. After much needed rest and a few pieces of medicinal chocolate, we are both feeling much better.

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