Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I recently posted some of our long lost engagement photos. When I was going through those I found these. They are the bloopers of sorts. Frankly, they're mostly just me missing the mark in a big way. Craig has a few choice ones, though. I'll be honest, it was really awkward.  We were in the middle of downtown on a Saturday morning, so Beale Street looked like the walk of shame.  We saw a crack pipe while we were looking lovingly into one another's eyes.  I threw in a few good ones because I deserve to for putting embarrassing pictures on the internet for the entertainment of my friends.  Wedding addition (and there are some much bigger doozies there) to follow. And disposal of that sack of a dress. You should know there were some other bad ones where I looked fat.  I don't consider those bloopers, only a shame. 

Sexy Lockes. Real sexy.  Most of these are a study in my stiffness. 
Being engaged is Ha-larious.
This isn't horrible, but it is a bit Jessica Rabbit.  Not the theme I had in mind.
Yeah right, you can't read.  Look at my horse chompas.

Bystanders: "Look, how sweet."
Craig: "I think we're standing in pee."

Photographer: "Look natural."
I do what I can.
Hey good lookin'
Back up ladies.

We may have exaggerated.  I'm not sure, I don't remember.

I have to add this one, because I like the idea that we do look like normal people who love each other sometimes.

The next in this series are the worst. I should explain.  The idea was that our photographer would take pictures and I would be standing in the back looking at him all artsy like.  The only problem was, I didn't know that.  I thought I was out of the shot.

They were supposed to be like this but......

Craig: "What's this door got to do with it?"

And for the grand finale.  I loved our photographer and her work, but this is no bueno.

Obviously, this isn't going on the mantle. 

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