Thursday, August 12, 2010

What Is He?

I get that question a lot about Max, especially after my last post.  The truth is, he's an embarrassment in public (not really).  Other than that, though, people often assume he's an underdeveloped puggle.  He's not.  Sometimes I tell people he's a teacup pitbull.  A lot of the time people think he's a boxer puppy.  He is, in fact, a muggin, or a carlin pinscher, depending on what you google.  We didn't seek out such a silly breed.  Instead, we found him while looking through the classifieds on the  He was not intentionally bred.  His mother was a miniature pinscher whose owner intended to breed her to make more min-pins and his papa was a rolling stone, amorous pug.  Max's original family told us that his mother's name was Bri Bri Baby.  Gag.  We decided that papa pug's name was Keith, but don't really have anything to substantiate that.  His litter mates all looked pretty different.  He was the only one with the black muzzle.  Some were less wrinkled and looked more min-pin.  He was definitely the cutest, with his little curly que tail.  Just don't call him a mutt, because he's an emotional eater and his favorite snacks are my shoes.

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