Monday, August 11, 2014

Window Shopping

Do you remember 67 years ago when I made an online window shopping dream list?  Here's another one.  Unlike that list, I won't end up buying any of these. I've developed an all new affliction in the years since then called mother guilt, which means I would never spend this much money on something for myself.  Unfortunately, I hear its incurable.  Fortunately, a zillion trips to Target at $40 piece don't seem to cause flair ups.

We have the Braising Pan already.  I used to think these were overpriced status symbols, but it really is awesome. We, and by 'we' I mean Craig, use ours all the time. Link.

I love all the offerings that Great Courses has, especially this one and one on Creative Writing.  It's like getting to go back to college, but with no pressure.  And none of the fun.  Link.

Who buys CDs anymore?  Not this girl, but if I did, I'd buy this. Link.

Do you know what this is?  Do you?  It's only the answer to a secret wish I made two years ago when I had an ornery infant that didn't seem to fully appreciate how wonderfully soft his Aden and Anais swaddling blankets were.  That wish was for an adult size version and here it is. Bliss. Link.

I love this chair.  I love all chairs.  My mom has a similar thing for lamps. I get weak in the knees over cool clocks and chairs.  I love the combination of low profile modern with a rocker. Link

For my thirtieth birthday (who said that?) my mom got me a beautiful slide bracelet.  I love to look at different options to add to it and I think this one is particularly pretty.  Link.

These have to be the perfect pair of earrings.  They're two toned, which I love, and have enough sparkle to be dressy, but they're studs so they could be worn anytime.  I might would draw from the boy's plastic animal fund for these if I could. Link.

Scented candles have to be one of the most useless luxury items.  The  tiny amount of return for the price is a little embarrassing.  Even still, I absolutely love these and burn mine with Scrooge-like greediness.  If I could save all the smell for my own nose I would. Link.

Speaking of smells, have you smelled this?  Smell. This. Link.

Do I eat soft boiled eggs?  No, but neither do I have whimsical egg cups. Link.

I also want every single thing at Sephora, a lifetime supplies of white camisoles, new jammies, and I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle...with the thing which tells time.