Monday, December 13, 2010

Wedding Bloopers, Part II

The second, and final installment of wedding bloopers.  Pardon my cheeseball captions.  If you can bear with me, I recently found an old, super shameful Christmas list of mine that I'll share to make up for it.
Sorry, Craig, it's all genetic...

It looks like we're singing, "If I were a rich man..."

The world's whitest white girl dancer finds her soulmate....

and couldn't be happier about it.

Don't be jealous of my charms and feminie wiles.

Craig as a one of those singing mounted bass.

Oh no!  I wasn't listening when you told me how to be an adult.  Quick, tell me again.

I think maybe we should've eloped...

But Laura, we have enough George Dickel to fell an army.

Craig: What's our Dickel countdown?

You're never taking the trash out again?

Making my mother uncomfortable since 1984

Dickel success.

Craig, if you spit out that champagne our marriage will be cursed by misfortune and children who grow up and write about us on the internet.

Our first judgement passed as a married couple.  Awww.  We've gotten even better with practice. 

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