Friday, April 15, 2011

Careful, It'll Make Ya Craaazy

Have you ever thought about....

--How many people have pictures where you're the crazy/creepy looking person in the background.  Similarly, how many homes might have a framed picture with your mug or behind in the background?

--Why informercials no longer say, "Sorry, no CODs."  Did they finally realize that no one currently alive on the planet has ever been allowed a COD purchase?

--How you can a hear a thing so many times that you just assume that it makes sense, when it doesn't at all.  For example, the line, "Maybe she's born with it" on an ad for deep purple nail polish.  For her sake, let's hope she wasn't, you know, born with it

--That all day, people think the same kinds of things about you that you think about them.  Ok, let's all agree to never think about that again.

--That your dog might kinda understand nudity.

--How if you still feel about the same as you always have, you'll probaby think and feel about how you do right now when you're elderly.  The next elderly person you meet feels more like you than you've ever imagined.  I mean, if you're lucky, you'll get to be one of them one day.  I could go on and on about this and other cheerful topics, but you didn't marry me, so I'll spare you.

--That there was a time when leaving the house without a phone didn't cause mild to moderate feelings of doom. 

--How "match light" charcoal is able to get away with calling itself that. It's not like the other kind lights up with a little prayer.

--How rough people must've looked and smelled through most of human history.  No showers or dental care, not mention how people got around without tampons, eye glasses, anesthesia, oh my!

--What would happen if you broke rank and made eye contact in an elevator.  Is that what makes them crash?  I'll never know.

--How, if Coke has this super secret fantastical formula under lock and key, why does it taste different in different regions?  Hmmm.  How important is your formula if you've got so many variations, Mr. a-Cola?

--That, as much as this is straddling the line between cute and obnoxious, you read this far anyway.  Thanks!

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  1. Funniest lady on the web - Hands Down!

  2. I hope Bosco doesn't understand would make our relationship a lot more awkward.