Friday, December 11, 2009

He's Baaaack

Craig is coming home today! He's been in D.C. for week. Not a week, but a WEEK. I've been careful not to put anything on facebook about missing him or wanting him to come home because, besides the fact that no one probably cares, I didn't want some rogue facebook friend that I forgot was on there because they don't have status updates to come to my house and kill me...and my little dog too! I know how crazy this sounds, but you have to realize that when I'm not reading law school case books chock full of crimes, I like to watch SVU and City Confidential. Basically, I can imagine all the terrible things that someone might to do me and our house and I can imagine all of their relevant legal defenses. Needless to say, it's enough to keep me up at night, but the news it out now. Craig is flying in tonight!

Admittedly, I lived alone for a long time before we got married. I always lived in a single dorm room in college and I lived alone from the time I graduated until we got married, but I'm out of practice. I don't have a baseball bat or a pre-planned lighting scheme to make it look like someone is awake at night. Nope, I've happily been lulled into feeling safe.

More than safety, though, it's that I'm out of practice of being bored. I mean we're talking about two people that make each laugh for hours with fart jokes and obscure literary references. Also, Craig has seen every movie ever made and I've seen like 10, a hundred times a piece. We cannot agree on any movie facts or who was in it. For example, until I see it again (which I won't--ever), I'll be convinced that Lou Diamond Phillips was in Predator. Also, I didn't know until fairly recently that The Abominable Snowman was actually Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I guess that tells you who I thought the pivotal character was. For his part, Craig says the funniest old man things like, "What were those key chain toys, pokie pets or digi-mons or something." Or my favorite, "You know one of those things they carried Cleopatra on. It was either called a kitty or a litter." For the record, it is litter but that word association was the funniest mess I've ever heard. Oh, if only you could've heard how earnest he was about it!

Anyway, I'm glad he'll be back. The house will be back to regular operations, which means I'll have to make the bed and use the stove on occasion, OH, and stop giving Max treats for being funny.

Max misses him too.

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