Thursday, December 3, 2009

It begins thusly...

I've found that I love writing little notes and then sending them out into the far reaches of the inter-web. Since I'm going to be an attorney (come hell or high water) I've decided to keep the privacy settings on this blog tight so that only people that I invite, or give permission to, can read it. If it weren't for that little career thing, I wouldn't mind having it open. If there is anyone that you know that might want to follow, let me know!

I'm excited to have this way to keep in touch with anyone who is interested in what's going on in mine and Craig's lives. I make absolutely no claim that any of it is actually interesting. I am a huge fan of reading people's blogs, even people that I don't know. I think it's fascinating to see people unfiltered from being outside of verbal and face-to-face communication. I'm not a great writer and I don't do much but watch tv and study, but I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring too. I'm probably going to import my notes from facebook if that turns out to be a real option that I can learn how to do, and not something that I made up just now.

To kick this off, I will share a story of an embarassing encounter that I had today. This will surprise no one. Anyway, I was at the (throat clearing noise) doctor and, being thorough, pulled out my index card of questions to ask. Specifically, I wanted to talk about Craig and I starting a family in the future. Don't you love the way a Catholic girl dances around all the juicy parts of a story? Anyway, I said, "My husband and I talked about maybe trying next year and I wanted to know the procedure." Naturally, the doctor looked at me like I was a visitor to this planet so I quickly (code: awkwardly) said, "Uh, I mean, I know the like procedure. I just meant do I need to come here and tell you about it (What!?!---shut up self). I mean, is there anything that we should do?" He kindly interupted me and said that I should call when the time comes and get a prescription for prenatal vitamins. Seriously? I really am a grown-up and I really can make it around in this world, but for a moment I was pretty sure that man was gonna tell me I probably need to get some more raisin' myself first, acting like that.

Consider this me taking an e-bow for a job well done.

Laura: Being weird since 1984.


  1. I love that you were actually prepared enough to have an index card. Too funny.

  2. Oh my goodness Laura - I love this!

  3. This is the reason I love reading your stuff!! Too funny!!

  4. I miss you for these reasons

  5. Baby, you don't need to do anything. Love,