Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nice Little Saturday

     Many months ago (or ten) Craig and I got married.  My life has changed in more wonderful ways than I can count and my memories of our wedding are of the warmest and fuzziest variety, but that's not what this post is about.  This is about one of our wedding gifts.  I'll be honest, it was what got Craig through the parts of our engagement when all I was thinking about was color combinations and dress alterations.  The fact that we got gifts for getting married, something we were already excited about, and got to drink whiskey in front of our priest at the reception, well, that did it for him.  When I first explained to him what registering was he acted like we were gonna be in on the greatest scheme of all time before the rest of the world found out.  Every time we pass a Bed, Bath, and Beyond I remember daydreaming about flatware and bed linens as Craig wielded the scanner like a domesticated Jedi knight.  As an aside, I showed this to him before I published it to make sure he didn't mind my depiction of him. He couldn't have cared less about that, but he did insist that I capitalize Jedi because it was written incorrectly in lower case. Noted.
     The gift at the center of this post wasn't one that we registered for and isn't one of those things that I don't know how I ever lived without.  In fact, it's been living in the corner of the dining room behind a chest since the wedding.  The hibernation was definitely not by my choosing, though.  All through the fall and winter I would make comments about the ice cream maker and how good homemade ice cream is.  Gradually, I started talking about how much fun it would be to make some and how I was looking forward to trying it out.  By Spring I was pointing out the necessary ingredients as we passed them in the grocery store.  Last weekend I told Craig that we were making ice cream, damn it. I try not to be a pushy wife.  It's my preference and my intention for Craig to be the leader in our family.  He always weighs my opinion and concerns and makes the final call on all the important issues and that works for us.

Today, though, ice cream was made.

It begins on the stove

The world's tiniest sous-chef

Next step, the fridge (with adult supervision by Max)

The three hour wait


Craig and Max took a World Cup break during the freezing stage

Also during the freeze, Max got really quiet.  Now, when this happens it means that we've either forgotten that he's outside, OR he's found something on the floor or gotten into the cabinets.  I checked under the bed and the latter was definitely true.  Apparently, he had secreted away a bag of taco seasoning, his toy, and a sock under the bed.  Also, I guess he had been working on some craft projects because there was also a cardboard toilet paper roll shredded up.

His handiwork


He liked it too--the picture snapping all day, not so much.

So, it ended up being delicious.  Craig even said, "Good idea, Bug," which is a compliment, I promise. 

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  1. Ahh... sweet marital bliss. You guys are seriously too cute for words. I figured I should actually comment on your post instead of calling you to tell you I liked it like I usually do.