Monday, June 21, 2010


Today starts day one of three in my Bar prep program dedicated to Contracts and Sales--not one of my favorite subjects in law school, or life.  Instead of moping, I'll share what I'm grateful for this morning. 

A full fruit bowl makes me happy for several reasons, but mostly because it means the grocery shopping is done

A window to look out of while I study at the table

My favorite mug with tea...

and then the hard stuff to keep me going

Clean laundry and a clean house

Being able to see progess made and an end in sight

Shared spaces

Wishing everyone a happy and productive Monday!


  1. haha the fruit bowl makes me think the exact same thing- I always feel like a successful adult when I have a supply of apples and grapefruit, for some reason...... you can do this! I am grateful for you!